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NEW : Personal (B)Logs


Today I rewrote and added this interactive PHP Calendar script to use in these personal blogs (as seen on the top left side of this web page), so that you can more easily find and view my personal blogs by date.

I initially wrote this Calendar script back in 2018 for an old My Diary web application (which is no longer in service), and so to reuse that Calendar script I had to rewrite half of it (or better yet, I was able to reuse half of it) for use in these Personal Blogs.

The calendar is interactive, allowing you to click on the displayed month/year title bar to change the view mode, so that you can select a different month, and/or select a different year. You can also click on the Left and Right arrow images to scroll to the previous or next month/year.

The Gray outlined dates are dates that have personal blogs associated with them, which you can click on to navigate to and view. All of the other dates should just be plain text and they are unselectable.

Hope you enjoy reading these, and if you haven't yet done so then please read the disclaimer on the main Personal Index page.

Final Thoughts

Thank you for reading, I hope you found this blog post enjoyable.

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