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Photo Galleries

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Welcome to the Photo Art Galleries, a place where user community members can create and share photo albums in 2D and 3D galleries for entertainment and artistic purposes.

There are four types of galleries:

T&J Divisions, LLC believes in and supports Freedom Of Speech, and as such T&J Divisions, LLC provides this online platform and web tools to our user community members so that they may create Categories, SubCategories, Topics, Galleries, and upload their own user generated content into the galleries which they create and maintain, for the purposes of artistically expressing themselves.

Note: It is possible that some of the users generated content may appear to be inappropriate for all ages and audiences, not suited for work, erotic, pornographic, arousing, embarrassing, obscene, disturbing, disgusting, vulgar and/or otherwise simply distasteful, all of which is allowed in support of Freedom Of Speech. Viewer discretion is advised. View at your own risk.

If you do post NSFW or nudity content then we ask that you please mark your gallery as either a Personal, Private or Club Style gallery type. We reserve the right to automatically change any Public gallery type into a Private gallery type that does contain NSFW or nudity content.

Be Warned: Attempting to copy, steal, bypass the system, and/or hack into another members Personal, Private and/or Club Style galleries content may result in your T&J Divisions members account to be frozen, and/or your I.P. address may even be blocked and banned from this site.

A user community member must be logged into their T&J Divisions members account for them to create, generate and edit gallery content. A member cannot edit another members gallery content, and they can only edit gallery content within their own galleries.

All objects and data uploaded to and contained within these galleries by user community members are considered to be user generated content, and is therefore considered to be owned by, claimed ownership of by, in possession of, and is the property of the user community member who uploaded it, and is not the property of T&J Divisions, LLC. The user community member takes full legal and moral responsibility for the possession of any and all user generated content which is uploaded to and/or generated from within any of their T&J Divisions members accounts.

Aside from the galleries graphics and models themself, T&J Divisions, LLC does not produce or generate any photo or video media content which are displayed within these galleries, and as such T&J Divisions, LLC shall not be held liable nor accountable for any wrong doing or damages caused by any user generated content.

All Public, Private, and Club Style galleries are subject to periodic random silent audits by T&J Divisions, LLC employees and/or a.i. bots. Please note that Personal gallery types are not subject to random silent audits since the gallery owner restricts access to specific members, however they are subject to investigations if a member reports the gallery.

During the silent audits, any illegal content discovered may either be removed or made unavailable upon discovery. Viewers are encouraged to report any illegal material found so that they may be promptly investigated into and/or removed.

To report a gallery, simply use the Contact Us form and provide all of the following information:

User Generated Content that receives multiple Reported notices from viewers stating that the content is in violation for any other reason may or may not also be removed or made unavailable, depending on verification and investigation results for the reasons stated.

By continuing to view and/or use these Photo Art Galleries, you acknowledge that you understand and agree with these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions then you are enouraged and invited to not view and to not use any of these galleries, otherwise feel free to view and use these galleries to artistically express yourself to other members and/or to the world.

Thank you and enjoy!

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The following is a list of all Categories (4 Total)
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Title Date Modified SubCategories Topics Galleries
NSFW 07/07/2024 02:23:16 PM 6 125 139
People 06/12/2024 05:51:10 PM 3 7 16
Humor 05/16/2024 08:22:29 AM 1 5 18
Scenery 03/26/2024 09:27:22 AM 1 1 1

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