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Personal Log : Sunday, July 3, 2022

5:36 pm : Maximum Age Limit

I strongly believe that there should be a MAXIMUM age limit set for anyone running and/or re-running for either the President and/or the Vice President position of the United States Of America's government office. No person over the age of 60 should be allowed to run or re-run for those positions.

If someone over the age of 60 wants to contribute, then they should just be an Advisor or a Consultant.

Most military branches force people into mandatory retirement by the time they are 64 years of age, even though most military persons usually voluntarily retire by the time they are 40, and since the position of the President of the United States Of America is technically a military position then that standard operating procedure should apply to them as well.

So what is the ideal age for President and Vice President? In my own opinion, I would think that 40 to 45 years of age is ideal. Old enough to have life experience, wisdom, and seniority, but still young enough to think and react quickly, realistically, and forcefully, without representing the country as an old out-of-shape slow-minded great-grand-parent.

To quote a verse from the President himself, "Come'on man, it's embarrassing to the Nation!"

The same should go for anyone in any government position really, including Congress, Senate, and Judges.

So come on now, who's with me? Speak this Maximum Age Limit thing into existence people! Lets make it happen!

8:53 pm : Happy Birthday Brother

I would like to take this opportunity to give a quick shout out to one of my brothers: Happy Birthday Brother, we Love you, and we hope that you had a good day.

Happy Birthday

10:12 pm : Power Outage

Power went out this morning for about three and a half hours. Sounded like a transformer blew, which knocked out power to several of my neighbors and myself. CenterPoint Energy was on it though, they are very good at restoring power quickly. Thank you CenterPoint.

Final Thoughts

Thank you for reading, I hope you found this blog post enjoyable.

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