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Personal Log : July 4, 2022

7:49 am : Independence Day
Happy 4th Of July

Happy 4th Of July everyone!

Looks like the Houston area weather should be nice and HOT, mostly dry('ish), and fairly clear for tonights fireworks and attraction events. Stay safe everyone, and have fun :)

2:50 pm : Time Is Moving Faster

Everyone experiences it : the older you get the faster time seems to fly by. Well, I have a theory about that which explains why it is true.

Time is measured by clocking the rate of interaction between sub-atomic particles of atoms, relatively compared to the interaction rates of the sub-atomic particles of the atoms of the observer, which in turn determines that atoms decay rate and half-life as well.

If the atoms of the object being observed is contained within a gravity field, then that gravity field causes gravitational friction on the sub-atomic particles which slows down those sub-atomic particle interaction rates, as compared to the interaction rate of the sub-atomic particles of the atoms of an observer that is located outside of that gravitational field.

Since we humans live on a planet, which contains gravity, within a solar system, that also contains gravity, within a galaxy, that also contains gravity, within the universe, which also contains gravity, then we exist within a compounded and combined gravity field, which causes a lot of gravitational friction to be applied to our bodies atoms.

As the universe expands, its gravity field dissipates and therefore weakens per unit volume of space, resulting in the overall combined gravity field that we exist within to be slightly weaker from one moment of time to the next, which allows the interaction rates of the sub-atomic particles of the atoms of our bodies to interact at a faster rate (since there is slightly less gravitational friction being applied on them at that moment in time as compared to the previous moment in time). Our awesome and amazing brains are able to perceive this difference of interaction rates from moment to moment, and perceives it as time moving faster and faster.

Also since the universe is constantly expanding, the gravity field of the universe is constantly dissipating and constantly weakening, which causes the interaction rates of the sub-atomic particles of basically everything to constantly interact at an increasingly faster rate, which is why we also perceive the universe itself as expanding at an ever accelerated and increasing speed.

That's my theory anyways.

Final Thoughts

Thank you for reading, I hope you found this blog post enjoyable.

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