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Personal Log : July 6, 2022

7:54 am : Google Ads

I still can't seem to get the Google Ads to display correctly on the web pages. They display, sure, just not always where I tell them to display (which is suppose to be inside of the gray outlined Ads by Google div box).

I insert the Google Ads script into the web page according to Google's rules and guidelines, but the Google Ads still seem to just display randomly anywhere on the page. It's so odd.

Perhaps Google is still performing their Experimental Lab ads placement tests for seeing where on the page the ads should best be displayed? Maybe? Nah, it's probably just me though.

Also, I copied several of my science related blog posts from this site to Google owned blog spot site ( ), mainly to see if it would be more stable and possibly attract more visitors as well. I then tried to turn on Google Ads for that blog spot site, but Google denied the request and gave me a vague not-so-clear error message. If I read it correctly then the error message says that it was rejected either because the blogs contained 'not enough content' (even though they are 18 very large content filled blog posts), or they contained 'reference links to other pages' (which most multi-part blog posts typically do), or for some other reason that is still unclear. So which is it?

Overall though, I do like the Google Ad's affiliate program, it does work and they do pay out. They also have decent fraud monitoring and alerts too, that helps prevent some bots from erroneously clicking ads whenever they crawl the site. But, that being said, some bots have erroneously clicked some ads that their program didn't catch, and Google penalized me for it instead. So, 50/50 I guess.

Initially, since my site is still small I guess, I have not earned much money from Google Ad's yet though. Hopefully as I add more blogs and content then it will generate more visitors to this site. And more visitors to this site means potentially more visitors might click on a Google Ad. The more clicks on the Google Ads I get, the more revenue I make from Google Ads affiliate program, since they pay me whenever someone simply clicks on a Google Ad.

If (big if) I can get 10,000 visitors per day to this site, then that equates to a realistic potential for 200 visitors to click on a displayed Google Ad each day. So if just 200 visitors each click just one ad per day, then I stand to potentially make $125 per day in Google Ad revenue (before Taxes). And the best part is, no purchase is necessary (unlike Amazon Ads which do require the visitor to make a purchase). For the Google Ads though, the visitors of this site just need to simply click on a displayed Google Ad and allow the advertisers page to load, and then they can close the advertisers page afterwards, no purchase necessary.

So far though, I've only earned $100 total, mainly because I am currently only getting between 50 to 300 visitors per day.

But the potential is there.

It is against Google Ads policy for me to simply ask visitors to click on a Google Ad, so, I guess I won't very politely ask visitors to simply click on a displayed Google Ad, even though I am very thankful and it is greatly appreciated whenever someone does click on a displayed Google Ad or two. Happy Smile

Final Thoughts

Thank you for reading, I hope you found this blog post enjoyable.

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