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Personal Log : Monday, August 8, 2022

5:48 PM : Weight Loss Progress

So this past week I only lost a total of two pounds. But, to my defense, it was a very stressful week.

The week started off with me having to call an ambulance for my wife. She started abnormally bleeding, ALOT, due to some bad stomach issues, which also resulted in her feeling dizzy, very light headed and faint. It was all so very gross and messy, but I did what I could to be a positive support and help for her. After several long days and nights, the bleeding finally stopped, and she started feeling better. For the most part she is back to her normal self again now.

Then towards the end of the week we found out that both of my in-laws tested positive for Covid (tested with both an at-home test and at CVS pharmacy). They had bad sinus cold like symptoms for several days, took some medicine their doctors prescribed, and now they too are pretty much back to their normal selfs again also (at least from what they tell me).

As for me, I do not have Covid, however, the herniated disk in my neck keeps pinching the nerves, the arthritis in my knees and elbows hurt, my ears feel as if I'm fighting ear aches, my chest feels tight, I generally feel weak, visually everything looks as if it is covered in digital snowy static, I have an odd headache, the sinuses in my nose feel as if something keeps pulling out nose hairs, the skin on my face itches with random sensations of ice spots, and I feel hungry all the time, so yea, I'm pretty much my normal self too.

Fun fun smile

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Final Thoughts

Thank you for reading, I hope you found this blog post enjoyable.

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