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Personal Log : Monday, August 10, 2022

7:12 am : Website Upgrade Prospects

I have been thinking about and considering rewriting this website, again, to once again give it an updated look and feel, using the latest greatest software updates.

I have also been considering changing the server side language from "Apache and PHP" to "IIS and ASP", but I need to do more research first to ensure that I don't violate (or enact) any license agreements.

Thinking of the pro's and con's of doing such a task, the main con is that it would take some time to complete, because I would have to basically start the website over again. The main pro is that ASP is a very familiar programming language as well, which I already know, and I already have tools for.

What I hope to accomplish by using ASP instead of PHP is to gain access to the wide variety of professional out-of-box ASP components and controls that are available from the Microsoft Visual Studio editor, instead of me always having to create and recreate my own custom components and controls in PHP using Notepad (as I have been and am currently doing).

I would need to play around with ASP by creating some test pages in an isolated sandbox environment, and see first before committing myself to it. Figure out what IIS and ASP's limitations and restrictions are.

Still thinking about it though. Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

Final Thoughts

Thank you for reading, I hope you found this blog post enjoyable.

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