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Number Search Volume 10

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Over 150 fun family friendly challenging number search puzzles (with answer sheets). This volume focuses on random number words between 100000 thru 109999. Minimum of 40 number words per puzzle. Each puzzle is on its own page, which not only reduces crowding but also allows for larger word print sizes for easier reading. Answer sheets for each puzzle are provided in the back of the book. Fun for yourself and for the entire family. This makes for a great gift idea as well.

Blueberry Muffins

In this blog post I would like to share with you my recipe and instructions on how I like to make home-made Blueberry Muffins from scratch, that DOES NOT use any Wheat flour. Instead of using Wheat Flour, I make my own flour by powderizing uncooked Instant Oat Meal into flour and substituting the Wheat Flour with it instead.

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  1. In a food processing blender (such as a Vita-Mix Blender), add the uncooked Oat Meal, Sugar, Baking Powder, and Salt. Then blend on HIGH speed for 20 to 30 seconds, or until all of the oats are fully powderized.
  2. In a large mixing bowl, crack open the egg and beat it with a fork or spoon to break its yoke.
  3. Then add the oil and milk into the mixing bowl, and stir them together with the egg.
  4. Then add the oat meal flower (that you made in the first step above) into the mixing bowl, and stir it with the liquid mixture until it is all fully mixed together.
  5. Then stir in the frozen blueberry's, until they are evenly mixed in.
  6. Using a large spoon, spoon the combined mixture into muffin cups pans. For standard sized muffin cups, I would suggest filling each muffin cup about 1/2 way full initially (for 12 muffin cups total), and then distribute any remaining mixture from the mixing bowl into the cups however you like.
  7. Bake in the oven at 400F, using convection (fan) heat setting if available, for 20 to 25 minutes.
  8. Remove from the oven (careful, it will be blistering hot) and turn the oven off.
  9. Allow the cooked muffins to cool for a few minutes before consuming. Store any unconsumed muffins in a sealed container in the refrigerator.

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