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No-Back Oatmeal Cookies

This is one of my top three favorite type of cookies, the No-Bake Oatmeal Cookie. In this blog post I would like to share with you my recipe and instructions on how I like to make them home-made from scratch.

Peanut Allergy Warning - This recipe calls for peanut butter

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Directions : How To Make

  1. In a medium to large size pan (3 quart pan) melt the butter over medium heat on the stove.
  2. Use a mixing spoon to stir in the sugar, cocoa powder, and milk.
  3. Stir continuously over medium heat until all of the sugar has dissolved, but do not allow it to boil. If it boils then it is too hot and could cook the oatmeal, which we do not want to happen (we don't want it to actually cook the oatmeal when we add it in step 6 below).
  4. Once the sugar has fully dissolved then remove from heat.
  5. Stir in the peanut butter, vanilla extract, and salt, and mix until blended well.
  6. Stir in the oat meal and ensure that all of the oats are coated with the mixture.
  7. Line some cookie sheets (or a section of your counter top) with Parchment Paper.
  8. Scoop or spoon bite sized balls of coated oatmeal onto the parchment paper, separating each cookie just enough so that they do not touch each other.
  9. Allow to cool for 30 minutes before enjoying them. And Yes, you can eat them sooner than this, however they will just be gooey. Once they cool for 30 minutes or so then they will harden just a little which allows them to be a little more firm.
  10. Place the cookies into large food containers, separating each layer of cookies with parchment paper so that they do not stick to each other, and keep them stored in the refrigerator.


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