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User Community Forums


Feel free to browse around. These User Community Forums are being provided to allow asking questions, answer questions, share ideas, share photos, and to simply engage in various discussions, no matter the category or topic. Invite your friends, grow your community. Enjoy and have fun!

Disclaimer: All material uploaded and posted in these forums are considered to be User Generated Content, and is not the property of T&J Divisions, LLC. We (T&J Divisions, LLC) are simply providing a hosting platform for these free-speech discussion forums and its user generated content. All visitors and users are encouraged to view the Info category for more details about Forum rules and guidelines.

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Available Categories

Title Description # Topics # Posts # Post Views
Want to promote something? Advertise it here.300
Have something you dislike or is upsetting to you? Sometimes its good to complain and get it off your chest.71356
The process of performing a particular computation, usually by designing and developing executable software and script.900
Branch of science and technology concerned with the design, building, and use of engines, machines, technology, and structures.400
Share your thoughts and questions about your favorite games (video games, board games, card games, etc...)200
Unsorted and generalized questions, comments, and posts.100
An activity done regularly in leisure time for personal pleasure and enjoyment.300
Know any good jokes? LOL22390
Rules, guidelines, and policies for these user community forums.251263
18+ Adults Only! After Hours Entertainment XXX1028423492
Anything outside or beyond current scientific explanation.400
Have fun and share your interesting photos and selfies with the world.20365047
All things science related (physics, chemistry, theoretical, etc...)41171
A safe(er) place to simply test and try posting before you post it elsewhere (subject to frequent cleaning and auto-deletions)11207
TikTok Videos and Screenshots000

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