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WinForms Posts
BackgroundWorker BackgroundWorker Provides Multi-Threading capabilities by delegating processing tasks to a background thread.
BindingSource BindingSource Acts as both a conduit and a data source for other controls to bind to.
Button Button Process user click events with this simple yet powerful user interface control.
CheckBox CheckBox Allows the user to quickly toggle selections from provided options.
CheckedListBox CheckedListBox Similar to the ListBox control but with checkbox items that the user can toggle.
ColorDialog ColorDialog Provides a powerful pre-made standardized color selection dialog box to the user.
ComboBox ComboBox Display data in a drop-down control, which has a TextBox and a drop-down ListBox combined into one control.
ContextMenuStrip ContextMenuStrip Display a pop-up menu whenever the user right mouse clicks on a control.
DateTimePicker DateTimePicker Allows the user to select a date and a time and to display formated dates and times.
Label Label Displays formated text to the user.
LinkLabel LinkLabel Displays hyperlinks to the user, which the user can click on and interact with.
ListBox ListBox Displays a list of items to the user, which they can select from.
ListView ListView Displays a formated list of items using one of four different views.
MaskedTextBox MaskedTextBox A modified TextBox that uses a mask filter to distinguish between proper and improper user input.
MonthCalendar MonthCalendar Enables the user to select a date using a visual monthly calendar display.
PictureBox PictureBox Displays images to the user, with programmable graphics capabilities.
RichTextBox RichTextBox Input and output control for creating, editing and displaying RTF formated text files.
WebCam Monitor WebCamMonitor A custom program demonstrating how a Web Cam can be added and used with a WinForms program.

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